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Knowing what will add value to a property is a skill, says Tracy Noon, who has just sold her Mosman home at a healthy profit, thanks to Dom and her team at Provincial Kitchens Home.

It’s good to know that quality workmanship matters – not only for the homeowner, but also for an investor, or someone looking to sell their house in the future.

This was the experience of Mosman’s Tracy Noon, who recently sold her semi-detached cottage on the lower north shore for a tidy profit, which she attributes largely to her renovated kitchen, bathroom and new joinery, all done by Provincial Kitchens Home.

Tracy says that buyers in Mosman are quite discerning and know quality when they see it.

“They look for quality finishes, so it is a very astute market,” she explains. “One of the reasons I worked with Dom and one of the reasons I wanted that quality of work was that I knew this market. If you scrimp, you’ll still sell the house, but not get the same return. For the $150,000 I put in, I believe I got $300,000 back.”

Dom and her team had also done the kitchen in Tracy’s previous home, an apartment, and she says that she was keen to have Provincial Kitchens Home back again to do this house because she had loved their work. That apartment had also sold easily and for a high price.

Both properties were sold through the same real estate agent – Kate Galetto of Galetto Real Estate in Mosman – who believed the quality and design of the kitchen and bathroom had helped Tracy achieve a good price for each.

“The care and attention to detail from this kitchen supplier made a huge impact to prospective purchasers,” says Kate. “Impressive work, clever design, quality finishes and a stunning finished product enabled us to get the home sold at above market pricing levels. The importance of good quality workmanship in both bathrooms and kitchens cannot be underrated and most definitely help to achieve a stronger sales result for any owner considering selling their property.”

“Dom’s work just presents beautifully,” adds Tracy. “Kate was ecstatic. Her staff kept coming in here and saying, ‘oh my god, this place’! It might be small but it is beautiful, which is really satisfying for me.”

In the end, Tracy didn’t even need to leave the house because it was sold to an investor and she now rents it back, using the equity to purchase other property elsewhere. She still manages to enjoy the kitchen and bathroom that Provincial Kitchens Homes created, which she does, every day.

“I think it’s really two things I love about the space,” she says. “The first is, because I’m a really practical person, I could never just go for looks over functionality, so the first thing that I would have to say is that it is extremely functional. There’s nothing I would change about the layout. Dom sat and did it with me, and optimised absolutely every bit of that space. It’s also just how you move around the kitchen – it makes so much sense, how she designed it. It’s really, really good.”

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